Facebook @ Work busca fatia corporativa do Linkedin, Google, Slack, entre outros


Facebook is moving to redefine workplace collaboration, taking on entrenched rivals like Microsoft, Google and a slew of newcomers aiming their sights at the quickly evolving landscape.

The Menlo Park, Calif., social network plans to launch “Facebook at Work,” in early January, according to a person briefed on the matter. The product is being tested in fewer than a dozen companies and the details are still being finalized.

At first, Facebook will offer the product for free and without ads, this person said, as it aims to grow the service. Facebook at Work will only be available to workers at companies that sign up for the service.

Facebook Wants to Move Into the Office.

Uma semana sem usar o iPad = 67 updates alertados.

The creators of Google Inbox explain why it’s the future of Gmail


Gmail was so successful that it ended up redefining what we expect from a web email service. Inbox clearly wants to do so again, but it’ll only work if it really addresses the email issues of 2014. Today the problem isn’t spam per se, but quickly identifying the best, most relevant messages and pushing the rest to the background. And once we’ve done that, making the actions you need to take on those messages as efficient as possible.

The creators of Google Inbox explain why it’s the future of Gmail